Season opening 2016

May 10, 2016.

The season 2016 started on April with a usual trip to Ljungan. The destination was same as last year, but our timing was a little bit earlier because last year the water was so high that we didn’t even got a one bite. But back to this trip. Usually we drive from the North, but this time we took a ferry from Turku to Stockholm. The drive from Stockholm took 5 hours and the weather was changing from +10 celsius and sunshine to zero celsius and snowfall every 10 kilometers. The weather didn’t stop us smiling, after all we were going to open a new fishing season in a couple of hours.

We started fishing in familiar pools. It was very windy, but it felt nice to stand in the river with a two-handed rod in your hands. After couple of pools we realized that the water was still pretty cold, +3 celsius. Mattias from Allsta Camping told that there was still ice in the river upstreams above Viforsen dam so we didn’t expect the river warm up any day soon.

Days went by fast and suddenly we realized that it was the last full fishing day of our trip and we had only one bite, one fish lost and one little sea trout up. Next morning we went to pool we have already fished couple of times during our stay. I knew there was a nice pit in the border of main current that we hadn’t fished yet, because I didn’t know if you could wade there with current water conditions. I found out that I was able to fish the place and got even one bite. I walked back where other guys were and told Mikko that I had a bite there and he should give the place a try. Mikko tied a tube fly called Sillen and went to fish the place after me. After couple of cast, not even whole shooting head out he hooked a nice sea trout. That was a perfect ending to a trip that wasn’t full of action.

Written by Eemeli Hepola.
Photos by Eemeli Hepola & Mikko Kytökorpi.