Not just a river, it´s more, it´s a mood

January 20, 2017.

Thousand of rocks, way up to fells, step by step. That’s the way to this hidden river in north. Same passion for salmon to reach the upper parts of this hidden river. Every year I use to take a few trips to this river, just with my dog or a friend. This is not open heaven but I´m one of these lucky people who lives in north and has access to this place.

Tiny stream flowing through rocks, you can spot silver flashes when salmon try to swim upstream, back to their birthplace. Me and the river - we know each other. I know the hotspots and where to cast the fly. The river knows me and try to be tricky sometimes. Usually it looks that it is not possible for the fish to live here, not enough water. No matter of circumstances, many salmon over 10kg still find their way here.

Why I call this a mood? For those passionate fishermen and every salmon the road is same. Here at this hidden river you feel more, you feel like you are a part of the northern nature. Every time when you step to the banks of this stream, you will forget everything other that is in your head. It´s a total reset. After that you start fill your head with these views. A brand new world. When you cast tiny nymph to a hotspot, hook a nice silver bar, thats the way you start light your soul. Energy flows through your body faster than anything. Few trips to this place every summer is enough to load your power bank for rest of the year.

Written and photos by Anssi Lakela