Magical night down by the river

April 15, 2016.

Old friend of mine visited me last summer. He is actually the one who got me hooked on fly fishing in the first place. It was end of July and the trout season was on. I didn´t have to persuade my friend when I asked if we should go fishing at one of my favourite rivers.

We started to fish at the middle of the day and that´s why we headed to a good grayling spot that I knew. My friend was on a fire hooking about 40 graylings and about 15 of them where of decent size. He was so exited to have such good grayling fishing. I guess I´m just really lucky to live near place like this. I didn´t do too many casts because my mind was already on approaching evening.

Clock was already around six in the evening and I had way too many ants in pants and we decided to change a place, which suits better for trout fishing. After 20 minutes of hiking we arrived to one of my favourite spots. I got lucky to hit that pool first and after hitting 30 meters downstream I had a good pull. I shouted to my friend that there is a good fish at the front of one rock. I hit 15 more meters downstream and had another good pull! This fish was already in the air and as shouted to my friend that I had a fish on. After a nice fight I managed to land 70cm of pure silver. I was so happy! It was my first fish of the season from my home river. After that my friend got a nice pull also. “Amazing night”, we thought and headed to another pool where we hooked up with another friend.

We made a campfire and continued fishing. Like usual, nothing happened in first couple of hours. The boys decided to change a pool and I was left at the campfire as a ‘fire watch’. While guarding the fire I decided to do one run. At my fifth cast and a fish was on again! I shouted to boys. At first they didn´t hear, but then they realized what was happening. A decent size silver bar was jumping around the pool. Unfortunately the line was cut in the landing and the fish released itself. We made still one more run each and at my turn I hooked one more fish. It was unbelievable and something that ever happens on that river. After a good fight I managed to land my personally best trout so far: 6,3kg of pure silver. The fish was released after quick photo to where it belongs. It was a magical and the most memorable night ever. This is something that probably never happens again on this river.

Written by Otto Lintunen.