Spring trip 2015

April 20, 2016.

The season 2015 started on May with seatrout fishing as usual. The first location was Ljungan where some of us ended the last season successfully. We had high hopes but the conditions were extremely hard. River was flooding and the water level was rising day by day. Some fish were caught on that week but we weren’t lucky. Six days casting from the early morning to the evening was enough and by then water was already covering some of the campfire sites. We decided to head back north to the Byske river.

When we arrived to the Byske and saw the river the situation seemed even worse than in Ljungan. The water was running over the banks and the fishing seemed quite impossible. Luckily Byske is full of great pools and you’ll always find a good place to fish.

At first fishing was difficult. Wading was not an option and it took some time to find enough space to cast between trees and bushes. The good thing in high water level was that it made the current really strong. That forced the fish to come near to the riverbanks and long casts weren’t necessary. Even though the fish were close you still needed to get your fly deep. Sink 6/7 line worked fine but it needed T14 tip and a heavy fly. The deep water express line was the real key to success.

Casting with these super heavy lines and flies felt like casting a bicycle chain. But after hooking the first fish the fishing felt great again. When we finally found some fish everyone was so excited that one day we even forgot to eat. The first warm meal of the day was a burger in a local bar at 10pm.

First fishes we caught were kelts but then we started to find places where trouts were feeding. Even though the Byske is known as a salmon river it has a good trout population as well. Some big trouts were landed during the weekend and it was really rewarding after a tough week.

Written by Hannu-Pekka Salminen.